As-salamu alaykum

Alex Shaikh
My name is Wajid also known as Alex. I’m a proud American Muslim brother born in Pakistan and brought up in United States Of America. I'm a loving son, husband, and a father.

Currently I’m in the Entrepreneur mode working on web hosting company I co-founded called, and concurrently building out the website, where you going to learn about Islam and my experiences when I was completely away from Islam and how I revert back.

I am also affiliated to many top online companies such as Amazon, Ebay, Google Adsens, Clickbank, LinkShare etc. I do a lot of business online And ultimately, I want to continue studying the official teachings of Islam to become mufti one day Insha'Allah. Please look around and If you have any question regarding Islam or need IT services, Don't hesitate to email me at:


Your brother in islam,

Wajid (Alex)